If we think about doing youtube marketing, the first conclusion we reach is that YouTube is a field with many positioning opportunities. It is easier to position multiple keywords directly in YouTube than in Google and taking into account that it is the second most used search option and that it is a platform of the house, Google will take us into account.

Today, more and more presenters are used, agencies that develop scripts and freelancers that edit videos to give them a very professional appearance for little money. For all this, starting or enhancing your YouTube channel is a very good strategic decision in the medium to long term, the idea is to take advantage of the gap and, thus, that those who come after are those who look for microniches.

YouTube today has fewer content producers, which equals less competition. Therefore, we will have more traffic and, consequently, we will have greater business opportunities.

To realize this, you just have to look for the same theme in Google and YouTube.
On the other hand, if we dive a little into the profile of the most active users, at least I infer that the new generations are more active in visual consumption. So in the future it is not only necessary to be there, but it is essential as a tool for viral marketing, video-branding and positioning, within your content marketing strategy.

YouTube marketing opportunities at first sight

• It is an alternative to position Keywords.
• Due to the visual nature of the platform, we generate a greater impact on the sales and registration systems.
• We transmit trust easily, they see us and improve the commitment of the lead.
• Advertising on YouTube is cheaper with less competition.
• As a relevant opportunity for the results it offers, we have the YouTube + Influencers union.

If we have chosen the influencer well, campaigns of great promotion can result. Marketing strategies on YouTube within online marketing are especially relevant because it is where the trend is going, we lived a kind of visual revolution for some years now.

It is necessary to emphasize that our brain is eminently visual and all the contents in visual platforms are of great acceptance and much interaction on the part of the user. YouTube is full of video tutorials, true, but most are isolated pieces, there are not many thematic lists structured with videos of lesser complexity to educate and train. So creating a list with a daily, weekly or monthly delivery will serve to increase the subscriptions and can help you in selling higher levels of training.

Two types of short and medium-long term strategy for YouTube marketing

This is true for any business or niche, selling directly on YouTube is difficult as it happens on Facebook, but it is easy to generate interest to visit you with good and entertaining videos, which get better predisposition and higher lead quality.

What do we look for short?

Generate sales is the first and last objective of all business on the Internet, so we will need to bring a lot of traffic to the web as a second goal in the short term. In addition, we will have to capture the lead email as a third step and, all these previous phases, will help us to make branding as a fourth objective in the short term.

How do we promote the medium term strategy on YouTube?

With ads that generate interest and take us to the YouTube channel, to redirect or attract us to the web and we can get the mail. We can make announcements in video or impressions from Facebook, YouTube or Adwords. If the announcement is sufficiently striking and relevant for the user, click on a CTA and we can redirect it to our YouTube channel so that it visualizes more videos fulfilling with the aim of increasing the number of views and retention.

And if we have liked it, it will surely click on a CTA and we will take it to our landing page of record capture. Finally, we will incorporate them into the sales funnel.