Delhi is a city known for its luxurious offerings in terms of its opportunities, structure, modernisation, and the beauty surrounding the city. It is located at a perfect spot from which many expeditions begin in the form of bike rides to LehLadakh, camping in the Himalayas and other neighbouring areas. . It is most often the starting point for many such adventures. Delhi is known for the beauty surrounding it in the forms of hills and trails perfect for trekking and climbing activities. The extra-terrestrial regions around Delhi offer many challenging and thrilling activities that really pump up your adrenaline levels. 

Trekking in Delhi is one of the most common activities that localities and both tourists love to indulge in when they are in the city. The list of popular destinations for trekking around the city includes many spots. Here are few popular destinations which offer short and easy trekking activities that one must really visit as a weekend getaway.

  1. BenogTibba

– 300 kms from Delhi

BenogTibba is a mountain located near Mussoorie. It has steep trails and lots of rocky climbing that really brings out the true adventure seeking person in you. It is not an easy trek and requires you to stay overnight to really gain a complete experience. It has been known as famous trekking spot for many years and was first established in the year 1993. It may look difficult but is actually the perfect place to start trekking if you are a beginner.  There are also other natural zones in Mussoorie that you can explore if you decide to trek here.

  1. KedarKantha Trek

-260 kms from Delhi

It is one of the best places to trek around Delhi, especially during winter. In the months of December till April, the best scenic beauty can be captured with snow filled mountains located amidst the Pine trees in the region. This hill is located near a small village in Dehradun. It can get very cold due to snow and the high altitude, so overnight clothes with lots of warm winter wear is recommended to be carried with sufficient water supply to keep you hydrated. It is comparatively an easy trek but the cold can make it a bit difficult. Prepare yourself well in advance if you ever consider going on trek to KedarKantha.

  1. Nag Tibba trek.

– 350 kms from Delhi.

This is also a very easy trek around Delhi located near a village in Mussoorie. It is one of the lesser known trials in Missouri but is one of the best places to visit if you want to experience a weekend getaway with family or friends. It is known as the serpent’s peak.  You can trek here for at least 2 or 3 days and stay overnight as well. This area is well known for its winter treks. It also has many locations which make camping more fun and exciting. It takes you through lush green jungle areas. It is also one of the highest peaks of the range in Garhwal, Himalayas.