Yeast infections in pregnancy works out to be a common affair. As per the medical experts this tends to occur in the second stages of pregnancy. But there is no evidence which proves the fact that this can lead to defects or problems during the course of pregnancy. It is pretty important that you have a concise idea about the signs along with symptoms. It is important that you have a concise idea about the symptoms in the first place that would include some form of pain during intercourse, rashes or irritation around the area of your vagina. If you come across any of the above symptoms it is suggested that you get in touch with your doctor.


Availing the correct course of treatment is important during the course of pregnancy. You need to take note of the fact that the chemistry of the body undergoes a drastic change during the course of pregnancy. One of the best infection treatments during pregnancy for yeast is topical medications as when they are being applied to your vagina they are not going to have any form of side effects. In order to treat yeast infection you can opt for Diflucan, but it is not that safe during the course of pregnancy.

You could also resort to alternative medicines to treat yeast infections during the course of pregnancy. In fact you could also resort to home remedies like applying yoghurt on the affected area.  Yeast is known to thrive in moist areas so make sure that it is dry. Do make it a point that you avoid any harsh soaps or products during pregnancy. So as you would need a prescription for fungal creams you can get in touch with your doctor about this. It is necessary that you would need to clear off the infection before delivery or you risk it passing it on the mouth of the baby. They do say however that the thrush is pretty easy to treat as well.

It has to be stated that the yeast infections are sometimes confused with other sexually transmitted diseases. Yeast can pave way for complications in pregnancy but on the other hand STD could be pretty much dangerous for your baby. If you do feel any symptoms then it is better to get in touch with your doctor, and undertake a detailed evaluation. This is well before you plan to get any form of home treatment done as well. Treatment needs to start at the very moment so as to prevent any form of complications along with birth defects.

The whole point is that yeast infections are not that pleasant to be dealt at any point of time.  This is all the more during pregnancy. This is all the more worrying when you are expecting a new born member in your family. But the fact is that even if you have yeast infections it is not going to harm the baby in any way.