Designing a commercial premises means considering how the different elements and features of the space work together – from layout and furniture to lighting, decorative accessories, and more.

While all of these elements of interior design play a role in creating an immersive and enjoyable experience for guests, in this blog we’re focussing on the role of lighting – or more specifically, bar pendant lighting – by exploring three ways to use pendant lights to their full effect in your bar.

Individual lights to create intimate tables

First thing’s first, pendant lights bring the source of light for your interior space down into the room, instantly making an area feel cosier and more intimate. As such, pendant lights are a great way of making individual tables in a bar setting feel more private and more romantic – with bar owners and designers able to select a pendant design which best suits their space and theme.

Pendant lights over the dance floor

Have you ever been to a bar with a disco ball hung over the dancefloor?

A selection of pendant lights hung over the dance floor is a great alternative to a disco ball, allowing you to create a focal point with a design feature which is both elegant and modern. The variety of bar pendant lights available means that you can choose from a cluster of lights or individual pendant lights installed sporadically across the ceiling.

Illuminate key areas with individual pendant spotlights

From bar to walkways, toilets, and the entrance to your bar, pendant lights are a bit like spotlights in the way that they deliver targeted rays of light to the immediate surrounding space.

When you use pendant lights to illuminate key areas of your bar, you benefit from a romantic and intimate aesthetic which creates different levels of light rather than simply lighting the entire space with a single static ceiling bulb. We recommend exploring a row of pendant lights strung above your bar, and wall mounted pendant lights lining the walkways and corridors, to really bring your bar space to life.

Choosing the right pendant lights for your bar

Now that you’ve got a few ideas on how to use pendant lights in and around your bar, it’s time to choose the best fittings for you.

Pendant lights come in all shapes and sizes, with varying glass shades adjusting not only the look of the lights in daylight but also the way that the light is presented when switched on. Darkened glass adjusts the light level to feel more intimate, while the mushroom bulbs warp the flow of light, and the fabric shades create a more targeted ray of light which is best suited to individual tables.

As well as the colour of the glass, customers can choose from a range of pendant lengths and material finishes, depending on the theme and aesthetic design of their bar.

Finally, make sure to consider whether your bar will benefit from individual lights or pendant light clusters, ensuring that your source of light doesn’t become lost in an oversized space.

For more advice on selecting the right lights for your bar, get in touch with your local supplier today.