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Traumatic Taxi Experiences – How To Give Dodgy Dealers The Slip

The tale of the dodgy taxi driver turning a simple trip into the headache from hell is the cliché to end all clichés. Everyone seems to have a ‘friend of a friend’ who at one time or another ran into trouble with a cab or cab driver, with accounts ranging from the sublime to absolutely…

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How to find a reliable used car that will last you for years

 It was not so long ago that finding a reliable used car was something of a lottery. The build quality of some affordable marques was questionable to say the least and rust was a real issue. What started off as an attempt to secure some economical family motoring could soon spiral into a nightmare of…

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Mahindra Cars

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited (M&M) is an Indian multi-national company engaged in the manufacture of different kinds of automobiles. As early as in 1947 they had their first vehicle the Willys Jeep assembled and sold in India. Many of their vehicles are also exported.

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