The first step after graduating from high school for many students is to give the SAT. Many people give it while they are in their final years of high school too. SAT is a test that is required by many reputed institutions as a part of their admission process. If you have a good SAT score, then your chances of getting admitted to that institution is higher. Even if the school doest specify the requirement of a student’s SAT score, having a good score will definitely impress them and again increase your chances of getting admission.

The first thing that you need to think of is when to start studying. You will not be able to score up to your potential if you start your preparations too late. But you also shouldn’t start too early as that might result in you forgetting the stuff that you prepared early on. You can even choose to join SAT coaching to help you prepare better for the test. Here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind to help you go about the test.

  • The timing of your test is extremely important. The best time to give the SAT is in your junior year. This is because you can give the test again to improve your score in case you are not happy with the results you get the first time. Also if you take it in the junior year then the SAT preparations won’t interfere with the preparations of your senior year exams, which are quite important. In junior year you will have ample time to prepare for SAT in an effective manner without it hampering your schoolwork.
  • Most students start preparing for the test about five to six months before the time they are supposed to take the test. Five to six months of hard work is enough for a good preparation. With a good study plan in place and proper dedication you will be able to ace the test. A proper SAT preparation course can also help you prepare for the test in good time so that you can give it your best shot in the test.
  • You also need to figure out the kind of school you want to join. If you are aiming for Ivy League schools, then you need to put in a lot of work and get a perfect score. Though these schools are highly selective, you can have a fair shot at being accepted if you have a great SAT score and an impressive student profile. In other schools it will be comparatively easier as the selection process isn’t going to be as tough.
  • The kind of school you are applying for is going to help you decide what kind of SAT score you should be aiming for and the SAT score that you aim for is going to tell you how much work you should put in. You should be realistic with your goal. You should expect to get more than what you prepare for. Miracles are not going to happen only your hard work will speak.