According to a research carried out in the year 2007 by YouGov, only 50% of the workforce is happy with their current designation, role, and employer. The research findings demonstrates that staff members who are dissatisfied with their employer and role are more likely to display low levels of commitment, loyalty, motivation, advocacy, engagement, and customer focus. This will surely create a downward trend with regard to productivity and performance, which will eventually lead to a de-motivated workforce.

Reversing this growing trend may seem time consuming and difficult, especially in the present economic scenario when scores of business owners and managers have to make difficult decisions when it comes to retaining their employees. This will also play an active part in decreasing the morale of the workforce because any changes implemented in the work practices will prove detrimental when it comes to performance. Anxiety and stress over the future can be major factors in de-motivating a workforce. Fortunately, there is an easy and quick method to drastically improve employee performance, inspire them to greater accomplishments, and make them feel motivated, valued, and an integral part of a winning team. This can be accomplished by organising exclusively designed team building events in London.

By taking your employees out of the typical office environment for team building events, you are, in reality, encouraging their creative juices to flow, something that a recent study conducted by the London Business School has found to be extremely influential in improving a business’s fortunes. That being said, there are scores of other benefits that can be immediately seen after a successful team building event.

Staff members will demonstrate higher levels of self-confidence and improved judgement and decision making. Bonding between staff members are greatly enhanced because of such events, there is greater amount of trust between staff members, and levels of motivation are increased. What’s more, the talent within a specific team can be effectively optimised and utilised in a more productive manner. Further, the entire experience is an overall positive experience for the workforce, which promotes a sense of unity within a team and shared common goals.

The are several companies that specialise in team building events in London and that have the ability to cater to hundreds of employees by providing the expertise, understanding, and equipment with regard to your business requirements for promoting a feeling of worth, importance, and belonging within a team.

These team building activities are not merely activities thrown together because they are fun-filled; on the other hand, these activities have a solid grounding in psychology, and service providers readily understand the impact that such activities can have upon the group that participates in such activities. Moreover, their expertise along with the support of the event organiser and group will ensure that the positive influences experienced on that specific day are effectively translated into improvements for the team within the business environment and the individual staff member within that team.

In such grave scenarios, keeping a specific workforce motivated and inspired is vital, and team building events are a simple and economical way through which you can ensure that your employees are thoroughly engaged with the job at hand and highly productive when it comes to their roles and responsibilities.