Today’s modern office relies on the connectivity that makes printing solutions convenient and essential. The ability to organize and delegate print jobs effectively ensures higher productivity and corporate excellence. It goes without saying that having a quality photocopier on-site that is in excellent working order is a critical function you cannot go without. With a copier that comes with managed service, your business will enjoy the quality products, service and maintenance you can depend on and reliable imaging products that keep your office running smoothly.

Dependable Products and the Versatility You Need

Selecting the correct printer for your business needs is easy when you have trained and experienced consultants to coordinate with you. Making sure you have the functionality, and proper options is a vital part of the process. Will you need a black and white printer or a full-color option that can create stunning visual presentations? If your business needs high-quality in-house printing options, there is a wide selection of copiers that will bring you professional results every time. For high volume, in-house printing needs, a black and white copier can provide you with superior printing results at a lower cost.

Multi-function devices are available to bring professional multi-tasking to your staff. Having the ability to print, fax, scan and copy all in one location offers exceptional versatility and cost-effective solutions to your office. You will also enjoy the space-saving benefits of these all-in-one devices as well.

Along with all of the products you can choose from comes the additional benefit of cost management. Security and password protected environments can enhance user functionality and keep costs to a minimum. Creating a password to manage colour printing or software that can track departmental usage or provide project tracking costs can assist in billing practices as well.

Smooth Running Equipment Eliminates Downtime

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out your copier isn’t functioning. With a looming deadline or even regular daily printing needs, having equipment that isn’t working can bring your office to a standstill. Every effort is made to eliminate this costly occurrence. With scheduled maintenance, the goal is to keep your copier in top working condition to avoid downtime. If there ever is a problem, getting your equipment up and running is the highest priority. A two-hour response time exceeds the industry standard, and you won’t be waiting around for someone to show up. Making sure your copier is back up and running is the highest priority.

Providing you with superior customer service doesn’t end when your copier is in place. You can expect friendly and prompt service every step of the way. Managed service for your copier allows you to enjoy the opportunity to have a productive office and let the professionals handle your equipment needs. A simple call to the customer call centre will allow your staff to conveniently order consumables and schedule prompt service requests. Your satisfaction and the smooth operation of your product are paramount.