Children, elderly persons, handicapped and sick people are very vulnerable, and they require special care with a personal touch. Both young and old individuals have a strong personality, and they develop affinity and affection for their home. Not everyone takes kindly to the idea of residential care as this disturbs their daily routine or fixed lifestyle patterns. In such trying situations, You can hire the services of our top quality live in carer. We offer reliable, sensitive, considerate, and warm support for your loved ones at highly affordable prices. Our services are personalised to suit the requirements and tastes of different types of customers in UK.

Carers, also known as personal care assistants, have a huge responsibility. The well trained assistant has to provide support to the assigned customer or client in a competent and sympathetic manner. He or she has to work under the direct supervision of the client, and perform a range of support services by adhering to professional guidelines. A compassionate approach has to be taken while offering the care, and the customer has to be treated with respect and understanding. Our homecare solutions are designed to serve a wide variety of customers from multiple age groups and cultural backgrounds. We offer full time home care services without compromising on the quality of support at any point in time. The support and care offered by our assistants has a positive effect on the clients, and enriches their daily experience. The daily support solution is carefully planned, and the customers are assured of 100% satisfaction even under trying circumstances.

Our homecare solutions are flexible, trustworthy, and highly advantageous to the clients. We do not discriminate on any basis, and our competent services cover different locations of UK. The live in carer is carefully chosen to suit the preferences of the client, and the day to day activities are also assigned in a well designed manner. The personal assistant is allotted to the customer after taking various factors into consideration. The customers’ personality, age, health status, along with location are given weight age. In addition, Certain care packages are designed to fulfil other requirements such as experience of the caregiver. Our personal assistants are well equipped to handle general as well as emergency situations. Highly trained and experienced carers, with driving and medical skills, are also assigned to customers with specialised preferences or unique requirements.

The duties of personal care assistants are not fixed, and they vary from client to client. However, A common set of day to day services are provided that include physical assistance, empathetic mental support, and friendly companionship. Based on the type of care package, The customers receive domestic, financial, medical, and personal support solutions. Our competent carers can handle any type of activity ranging from changing the bed sheets to dealing with business correspondence. The carer not only maintains strict confidentiality, but also displays commendable discretion under different types of daily situations and circumstances.

The live in carer strictly adheres to company policy and provides all the assigned duties such as personal care, dietary support, mobility service, leisure activities, household chores, and business assistance. For additional details, terms and conditions, Call our help desk on the phone during work hours. Or you can get in touch with our Customer Advice Team for friendly assistance and guidance.