If you have been trying to get your health back and lose weight but conventional diet and exercise isn’t working, then you need to try Muay Thai. The combat sport originated in Thailand and encompasses the entire body during performance, which is also why it is known as the “Art of Eight Limbs.” Muay Thai is the best form of exercise you can do to reach your weight loss goals. It burns fat fast, tones muscle and develops incredible cardiovascular strength. A look at the following reasons why Muay Thai is the best for weight loss can help you reach new fitness heights.

Muay Thai Improves Your Cardio and Your Strength

During training, you will perform punches, kicks, blocks, jabs and techniques that engage the upper and the lower body. This gets your heart rate up very quickly but also helps burn fat. The performance of drills and physical conditioning are most impactful helping to improve your cardiovascular health and your physical strength.

Resistance Builds Muscle, Burns Fat

To lose weight, you need to burn fatty tissue and build muscle. Before Muay Thai is practiced, your trainer will require a few hours of warm-ups including jogs, skipping, and sparring. These practices combined with the technical skills performed in Muay Thai can create incredible muscle tone. For men and women, the methods introduced in the combat sport will deliver weight loss a lot faster than regular training.

Muay Thai is Exciting and Keeps You Motivated

From throwing a controlled punch to delivering a powerful kick, every movement in Muay Thai has to be calculated. This is what makes Muay Thai so exciting as a fitness sport. It keeps your mind challenged as you focus on sparring against your opponent while moving at incredible speeds. Muay Thai will not only keep you on your toes but encourages incredible mental strength at the same time.

Why Interval Training is Best

Muay Thai programs include training at intense levels for a few minutes and then resting. This process of conditioning requires your body and your heart to adjust to varying paces of activity. It is one of the best ways to improve your fitness while losing weight at the same time.

Under the professional guidance of your Muay Thai instructor you can achieve incredible fitness results. From accelerated weight loss to a leaner, toned body.

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