Losing hair is a nightmare for women. But, every human loses a few strands of hair every day normally. But, if you notice excessive hair fall without any specific reason, then you must rush to a specialist to understand the root of the problem. But, while losing hair, we hear various words of mouth that we actually start to believe.

We have accumulated the misconceptions that are surrounding female hair loss and what is the fact against those fallacies.

  • The most common misconception is that hair cutting can promote hair growth. The fact is hair, the non-viable tissue doesn’t get affected by cutting. Even, it won’t change the texture of hair. Women think that cutting hair can make hair stronger. But, in reality, after a haircut, the split-ends are removed and the hair appears voluminous.
  • Women take vitamin supplements for hair growth thinking that certain vitamins can stop baldness. The truth is your hair is dead tissue. Hence, if you rub vitamin or consume any pill, it can help your overall health but doesn’t effectively stop baldness. For the correct solution, you have to undergo professional hair transplant procedure for women.
  • Another misconception that dominates women is that young ladies don’t suffer from hair loss. Hair loss problem is only for middle-aged and old people. The fact is hair thinning and baldness can affect girls as young as twelve years old also. Hair loss can happen at any stage due to several reasons like hormonal changes, disease, pregnancy, age, etc. The professional hair transplant procedure for women can treat female of any age. The clinics have highly eligible hair transplant specialists who offer customised treatment suitable for individual clients.
  • There is no end of misinterpretations regarding beauty. From ages, millions of people have millions of misconceptions. Adding to the list is the myth that if the hair is washed in cold water, female hair loss can be prevented. Washing hair in cold water is good as it increases the blood circulation, but cold water cannot cure baldness. To have a permanent solution, you have to take the help of professionals. For that, hair transplant centres are there that offer bespoke hair transplant procedure for women of all age.  
  • Birth control pills trigger baldness this is not completely true. Certain pills can provoke hair thinning and loss. Not all women are affected by the birth control pills in the matter of hair thinning. The degree of hair loss varies from person to person. The pills cause the hair to shift from the growing phase to the phase of resting rapidly. It’s known as telogen effluvium. If the problem of baldness exists in the family, birth control pills may accelerate the process of hair loss.

The only logical solution is to seek expert help. Avail the best guidance from the qualified surgeon. Discuss your concerns and get knowledge about the latest techniques of hair transplant procedure for women.