If you are looking for a tropical holiday destination, Thailand has got to be one of your first choices. You will have the opportunity to walk on the shores of the world-famous beaches and islands. You may also choose to go on a hiking trip or visit the ancient temple and monastery or perhaps you want to learn Muay Thai at the training camp while travelling. All these and more can be achieved if you choose the country as your destination.

Getting to Thailand

Thailand is one of the countries in the Southeast Asian region that receives high amount of foreign tourist annually. In fact, at least 18% of the country’s GDP comes from tourism. Unless you plan to go on a remote location on the country, transportation will never be a problem. The diverse culture and nationalities that are learning Muay Thai at the various training camps is an undeniable testament that the place is welcoming to the visitors.

The airports in Thailand are being served by various international operators. Those who reside in the United States will have to book for connecting flight. European nations can fly directly to the country or choose to have a connecting flight. A direct flight will normally cost more compared to the connecting flight. Those who prefer to see the beach in Phuket or the island of Chiang Mai can easily catch a flight at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Getting Around the Country

Travelling around the country is relatively easy. There are domestic flights, railway stations, taxis, buses, and the preferred local transportation, tuk-tuk. The local transportation is inexpensive particularly the bus and the train. Those who are planning to book for a domestic flight should book in advance to find an excellent deal. You can also rent a motorbike when going to the Muay Thai training camp that will only cost $30 per week.

Culture and Customs of Thailand

In case this is your first time to visit the country, it is necessary to be aware on the customs and culture of Thailand. The rich culture, sumptuous local cuisine, and the warm people are just some of the reason why this country became a major tourist drawer. When travelling around the island and beach of the country, the local are proficient is speaking the English language. Greetings are known as signs of respect; however, you need to remember that the Thais are not accustomed to shaking hands. They use the word ‘wai’ when greeting someone.

Thailand is a Buddhist country. You will often encounter a spirit house outside the home. Foods, drinks and other sustenance are offered on the spirit house which prevents them from coming inside the house. Even the Muay Thai fighters are doing rituals before the fight to appease the spirits. The country is also showing a high respect to their elders.

These are just some of the things that you need to know when you are having a holiday vacation in Thailand. Enroll on a Muay Thai training camp at muaythaiworlds.com to enhance your physique while travelling.