Health is wealth and so one need to become more vigilant in safeguarding them from health issues. Life is very unpredictable and so we never know what is going to occur at the very next moment. When we plan our holiday we think about the lodgings or facilities but we tend to forget about emergency situations. The health insurance cards can help you whenever you are struck by an emergency situation in an unknown place.

Ensure Your Health

We often get offers from different insurance companies who try to sell their policies to us and we feel disinterested. However, the government of Europe has been able to take responsibility for the health of their citizens. This has been done by introducing the health insurance card which comes with the benefit of free medical treatment.  

The health insurance card can be taken as a savior at the time of an emergency. It is bliss for the European citizens. While traveling within the subcontinent of Europe you might need a medical treatment and you are not in a situation to travel back to your home, this card gives you medical treatment.

How to Get the Health Card?

If you belong from European subcontinent then you must be wondering about this card. Those who do not have this card can apply for it immediately. It is definitely going to save your life. In order to get a health card, you have to fill up an E111 form which is available on the official site of EHIC.

You need to complete the form by filling up relevant details like name, birth date, address and, PIN. It is to be ensured whether the form is complete or not as incomplete forms are not accepted. The PIN number is very important as it guarantees your insurability within the EEA countries.

Renewing Cards

If you are already holding a card then you have to ensure that it is renewed or not. This is because an invalid card cannot guarantee you free medical treatments. Let’s explain you with an example; suppose you are traveling to place in the UK and suddenly you face health issues and you show your card, to the authorities and it is immediately rejected. The reason for this rejection is perhaps your card is not renewed. The renewal process should start prior to six months of the validity period. It is always recommended to renew your cards before it expires otherwise you cannot enjoy the medical benefits. In order to renew your card, you have to fill an E111 form that is meant for renewal and submit it online.

Thus, it can be discerned that the citizen of Europe are able to restore their health and get help from the card while they are struck by an emergency. However one needs to check for the validity period and renew it timely. The health cards are not accessible outside the European continent and so if you are traveling abroad this card cannot be used.