Undoubtedly new brand used cars are sold at cheaper prices across the world. The definition of a used car carries a lot of meaning to the buyers as the entire deal is very subjective. A brand new car sent after its production and crosses the check post of the factory seemed to be the newest used car as per the theoretical definition. The moment a car is out of the factory it become salable to any price and value of depreciation increases slowly when the car is on the roads. Here one has to understand the fact the factory or the dear outlets are one and the same for the purpose of the definition given here. Buying the used cars is not a new phenomenon and this practice was effectively used by the people of the past years. When the cars have been considered as a luxury or pleasure not everyone in this planet can offered to buy a new car in his or her life time.

Also the new car buyers who were generally rich need to find a way in getting their old cars sold in order to use that money for buying the brand new cars. This naturally offset the fund outflow to that rich community. In the bargain a demand is created for the old cars and people start buying these cars at a fairly reduced cost. This transaction makes both the buyer as well as the seller to have a win-win situation. Remember there were no selling agents in dealing the old cars and advertisements in the local news papers seems to be the only medium for making those transactions. However with the advancement technology and the aspirations of the people and the ever rising used car price has made the concept of selling and buying the used cars as a separate industry by itself. 

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Today the industry has seen a phenomenal growth in term of marketing the used cars in all parts of the world. Such heavy demands have paved the way for the car seeker to look for options like cheap cars for sale under thousand dollars which seems to be more attractive in this recessive period. As things have dramatically changed in the recent years, the market for the used cars has grown in great proportion and even become a threat to the car manufacturers. These are many reasons can be quoted for this great change. Action of the Government vehicles, rising level of entrepreneurs in the used car marketing industry, recovered  cars due to non-payment and many more reasons have contributed for the rise of this unique industry. The concept of cheap cars for sale under thousand dollars has become easy as many cars have been sold by the bankers in order to recover the cost which was not paid by the defaulters. For the family that runs on a tight budget buying the junk cars seem to be a good preposition. However one has to be careful while selecting these super cheap cars from the local market. As a first and foremost tip, one has to evaluate the condition of the car and its age. Most of these cars are more than ten years and availability of the spare parts needs to be checked. Otherwise this investment will be proved costlier.