Your body goes through a whole set of changes during the course of pregnancy. You gain weight and you may develop a sense of nausea. These are the changes which you expect during the normal course. What though you might have thought in the wildest of your dreams is that your belly may become a community property when the pregnancy starts to show?

Your near and dear ones and it is a common sight of people touching your pregnant bellies. They feel that there is no wrong in rubbing your abdomen as the pregnancy progresses. In fact you may not mind your mother or close friend or your better half touching your belly and this though ,depends upon the course of your mood during the day. Ideally you may also allow someone to touch your belly if they ask in a polite manner. But people totally unknown to you will come up and ask to touch your belly as if the concept of personal space is thrown out of the window.

When you rub your belly do you expect the baby to come out in a cloud of smoke like a genie and grant all your wishes? One of the problems when a pregnant woman says no to touch is that she is hormonal or oversensitive. Do not fall into this trip as it is your body. You have all the right in the world to say no.

Ideally ,no one would ever think on the lines of going up to a woman and touching her breasts, but somehow the feeling of touching the belly of a woman is widespread in nature. Kids may do it, elderly ladies or adult woman may feel the need so to feel the baby move. In some ways people will tell that they want to experience the feeling of miracle within you. Some women would say that they had some form of luck with touching back. If someone puts a hand on the abdomen of a woman, and ask how they like it. In case of others, they have humorous T shirts which are available here.

You do not like to be touched if you are not in favor of it. One does not have to be rude or yell. But one thing you can convey to the people is that it does bother you. This is true for anyone who tries to lay a hand on you, be it your aunt or a stranger in a line of a supermarket. No wonder people touch pregnant bellies and if you are not comfortable let them know. If someone asks in a polite manner whether they can put a hand on you, the onus is on your to allow them or not. After all it is your body and the decision is yours. When it is a friend if you say no you can add a line of explanation to it. But no matter whoever it is one always has the right to say no.