Air conditioning units are important in any home or business premises, especially in the summer months when rooms with poor ventilation can become very warm, very quickly. Nevertheless, air conditioning units are often not very easy on the eye.

But never fear, there are many ways to either improve the look of your air conditioning unit, or install a more streamlined version that is in keeping with your décor and companies that specialise in air conditioning in Birmingham such as Breeze installations. Other large cities will be able to show you just how to do it right.


Countries all over the world have different techniques for creating arty air conditioning units, varying from the sublime to the ridiculous as well as installing new, futuristic units that complement modern decor. So what exactly are some of these arty air-conditioners that are making their way into homes and offices all over the world?

The Street Art Air Conditioner

When we think about air-conditioners, we will often only think about the internal element of it. We often forget about the external system that ends up on the outside of your wall, often leaving an undesirable look. These eyesores have been transformed by artists and members of the public all over the world, from New York to London. Beautiful murals, tongue in cheek designs and clever interpretations have meant that these air conditioning unit, although old and dilapidated, are making their own statement that will be enjoyed by everybody.


Modern Masterpieces

When creating an arty air conditioning units, it is just a case of cycling the old one. More and more homes and offices are embracing the technological advances in our world and increasingly needs for manufacturers to create fantastic and futuristic air conditioning units, suitable for modern homes. Thankfully, they have risen to the occasion and done this extremely successfully.


A number of large electrical manufacturers and are creating modern air conditioning units that, although still visible, as something that you want to look at and having your home or office. The sleek and eye-catching designs of these new air conditioning units are created with crisp lines, clean finishes and as compact as possible, allowing for maximum effect.

Another way that some companies have overcome the problem of having a garish air conditioning system within the home or office is to turn it into a piece of art. By putting a frame on the front of the air conditioning unit, the user is then able to add their own artwork or photographs creating a beautiful picture frame that effectively hides the air conditioning units from view.

Designs of the Future

It is really only the beginning for these arty and futuristic air conditioning units. Designs and manufacturing processes change all the time and it is impossible to know how far these air conditioning units will go to achieve a prominent position in the home or office.

So if you are considering new air conditioning system then it is definitely worth your while looking in to the exciting and artistic designs that are now available and help manufacturers take theirs next steps to sustainable and efficient cooling systems.