If you are looking for a permanent solution for your baldness then hair transplant is the sole solution that can help you out. Choosing Longevita hair transplant will be the wisest decision as you will receive absolutely satisfactory results. Hair transplant is a semi-invasive procedure but the patients will not receive much pain especially at the time of conducting the concerned procedure.

Here, hair follicles from different body parts called donor sites are extracted so that bald space can be filled-up accordingly. The bald area of your scalp is being treated first so that donor hair follicles can be easily implanted without any trouble. In most of the cases, male pattern baldness is being treated with the help of this unique process.

Is hair transplant really works?

There are many people who doubt that whether the hairs after the transplantation procedure will look natural or not. The answer is yes. Your hairs will absolutely look natural and they will also grow naturally. This is because specialised hair-by-hair restoration technique is being implemented out here which is pretty advanced and it can easily restore implanted hairs like real ones.

Implantation is basically done on the basis of your facial features and your hairline so that the natural hairs can get highly complimented by the artificial ones without making any difference. A complete seamless transition will occur in this procedure.

If you have silky and soft hair in origin then your transplanted hairs will also become the same as a result of which you cannot easily identify the difference. The process included in Longevita hair transplant is quite simple and only expert hair surgeons deal with the same. These surgeons also offer a great guidance regarding how to deal with your transplanted hairs after the procedure.

How to take great care of transplanted hair?

Your surgeon will direct you regarding how to take post transplantation care to your hair. Sometimes, the surgeons prescribe few important medicines and the patients need to take them accordingly. These medicines basically help in the fast recovery of surgical wounds. Semi-permeable dressing needs to be carried out almost regularly for allowing tissue fluid and blood seepage.

Targeted area of your scalp needs to be protected from direct sun and you have to start shampooing at least after two days after the surgical act. Shampooing is highly recommended by surgeons so that unwanted scabs around transplanted hair shafts can be prevented. Scabs usually accelerate the hair loss process as a result of which transplanted hairs might get a huge blow.

During first 10 days, few hairs might fall off but you should not get traumatised by seeing the same as it is quite normal. This kind of condition is popularly known in the name of shock loss. After 2-3 months, you will find new hairs coming out from moved follicles. Your hair growth will remain normal and the thickening process will also remain consistent which will start initiating within 6-9 months.

If your doctor has prescribed you any hair loss retardation drugs then you have to take them on a regular basis without any fail. The surgeons conducting Longevta hair transplant are so efficient that you will receive minimum side effects after implantation.