Holidays are not only the time to relax and unwind, but it is also time to travel and discover new things around the world. Travel to new places you have never been and discover so many and exciting ideas you might have never known exit in the world. One of the best destinations where you will see lots of exciting things is the Asian countries. Here, you will never get enough fun from the cultural practices of the people, the exciting landscape of these countries and the beauty of the Asian people will just make you have a wonderful experience.

 One of the places you must visit is Thailand. This is a country located in the centre of the centre of Indochinese Peninsula in Southeast Asia. There are several exciting sceneries and different things to do in Thailand. Here are some of the best holiday destinations and also things to do in Thailand.

 Sightseeing in Bangkok

 Whenever you visit a new country, one of the places you must target to visit/stay in is the capital city. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and a very catchy city where people like to spend their holiday. Being very peaceful and filled with beautiful sceneries, Bangkok will fulfill your holiday dreams. There are several hotels you can book within the city, and they offer affordable rates. Backpacking, the nightlife, and beer parties are some of the things to do over the weekend as you relax in Bangkok.

 Escape the City to One of the nearby Beaches

 There are several nearby beaches where you can escape over the weekend. One such beach is Pranburi beach which is just south of Hua Hin. Surrounded by national parks, this beach is best to travel to for the family holiday. You can keep children busy at the national park as you sunbathe at the sandy beach line. The beach has fewer crowds and therefore ideal for those who like some privacy at the beaches. In the evenings, it is advisable that you hire a taxi to travel back to your hotel.

 Take Your Family to Siam Park City

 This is a nice park for you and the family where children can enjoy playing with others. There is the Water Park, and a family world where you can travel to. The fantasy world is ideal for the children as they can enjoy Tagada disco, Twin Dragon, Trabant and several other activities. Every weekend, there are thousands of people who travel to the Siam Park City to enjoy different games and also take their children to enjoy the company of other children. Over the holidays this place is usually packed with very many families, and there is great entertainment for everyone.

 Muay Thai Training

 When you travel to Thailand over the holiday, this is one of the exciting things you must try. Muay Thai such as is a sporting activity enjoyed by thousands of people in Thailand. In fact, people travel from foreign countries and enroll at the training camps to learn Muay Thai. It is an ideal activity for those on a long holiday. 

 Thailand is indeed a blessed nation with lots of fun for travelers from all over the world. There are several islands where you can stay within Thailand.