ASC which is Short For Ardmore Shipping Corporation is an organization that provides the best operating practices, operational efficiency and customer practices. ASC has been serving customers with the best shipping services through time charters, voyages and commercial pools. The company has close relationships with technical partners and key commercial management partners. The company has been developing continuously ever since its origin to provide better services to customers and develop close relationships with them. Internal shipping includes a lot of challenges and factors to excel irrespective of the company size. 

ASC understands this and through its in house expertise and management promotes safer delivery to its clients. The company has short and simple policies that are possible due to its effective measures being taken consistently. The policies of the company are short making it easier for people to remember. Professionalism, integrity, respect, and more are some of the Ardmore ethe. 

Talking from the investor’s point of view, trading happens at its best when exposed to correct company stock information. Performance of a company over the past years, stock trends and more are some of the important things to know before investing.


Interactive charts is a pictorial representation of a company’s stock over a specified date range. It helps to better understand how company stock has been performing shortly. Below is the detail of company stock from NYSE: ASC.





Market capital-137.80M


52 week high-9.79

52 week low-3.730

Previous Close-4.300

The company has received a strong suggestion for buying stocks by 25% of analyst rating. 50% suggests buying of stocks whereas 12.50% suggest holding of the stock. 0% suggests that stocks are underperforming and 12.50% suggest selling of stocks. This information is best for the analysis purpose and not encouraged for trading. 

Latest ASC news

As on 24th July, Dr. Kirsi Takka says on her key learning that Ardmore is a rich culture which reflects in its management, staff and crews shipping services. Looking from the perspective of the board, Dr. Takka says that it has been a great experience working here.

When asked about the future changes of the company a decade from now, Dr Takka says the company might have new propulsion technology, new designs, increased data and technology integration and more. She says that she is confident that the company will be sustainable and become the best-in-class shipping company. 

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Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.