Organising your business and keeping it as relevant as possible can be a difficult task, with a large number of different trends and new stores popping up  across the local high-street it can be difficult to compete, especially in the New Year. So why not change your tactics and look at a fresh design for your brand this New Year! Here we are going to look at how a fresh design could help to boost your brand in 2019!

New Year, New Look

During this time of year, many brands have their design set in stone, however like the rest of the world, it could be beneficial for your business to adopt a new year, new me, kind of attitude. If your brand is looking outdated and is in need of a pick me up, what better time to debut this new lease of life. By designing your revamp and creating printed bags with the brand on them this is a sure fire way to showcase your new design to all those on the high-street!

Colour, Colour, Colour!

The more colour that you have on your redesign the more confusing it can become, so why not keep it simple? An elegant duel colour theme is the perfect way to boost your presence in store as well as make a statement with your branding. By keeping the colour scheme simple but eye-catching you can draw people to your brand and ensure that you are making a statement when around other stores. Remember! Less is more!


By making a bag that you can engage with is one of the most important things to consider. If your brand has a hashtag on the bag and is offering a chance to win something as a result, this will not only boost the engagement with your brand and its online social media presence, but this can also translate into the amount of footfall that you receive in store and the number of sales that you see. This is particularly beneficial for a new business as this will allow the brand to grow at a quicker rate and increase the level of engagement experienced online across all social media platforms.


By making the slogan on your printed bag as relatable as possible, this will allow you to have the best possible result when it comes to engagement and the amount of people that are purchasing from your company. If your bags are seen to be relatable there is more likely to be a higher number of sales made when compared to a bag with a simple colour theme. By making it more relatable or related to a service or a specific TV show you can also help to boost sales as you are more likely to attract people that are fans of the TV show.

With all this in mind, there are still a number of ways that you can boost your business and make the most of the New Year by giving your brand a well needed redesign, so why not get started and begin working on your new redesign now and begin your new year with a bang!