Piano is an affordable device and so is within the pocket of users. Before starting one thing is to keep in mind that stop all the negative thoughts that piano learning is hard and tough job, indeed it is easy. Though I cannot deny with the fact that learning the notes are tough job and requires time and patience. So all that is needed is positive outlook and holla you are ready to go.

More easier and more advanced

Music learning or playing musical instruments is unique way to integrate and develop creativity. Playing musical instrument may be complex because of its multi sensor devices.Playing music or musical instrument has well known emotional impact and it can bring motivation to our soul and mind. One such pleasing musical instrument is piano which help a lot to improve brain of a person.

Best site for learning piano

On this site pianoin21days.com you can start for free and can build your basics right and after sometimes you can check your result will change dramatically. To make you a perfect piano player we have step by step courses, live lessons, and some specialist piano player to train you as per your requirements.  We have an exclusive offer for our regular members where they can get access to all our features in very organized and structured way. We also have powerful teacher and student community where you can interact with them and can ask any question related to your course of piano learning.

Reason for becoming youth passion

There are so many musical instruments which are used for different purposes and all have different ways of playing. In that same way piano learning is different from other musical instruments.

  • To get started first what we need is a piano instrument which can produce a good noise. As we can see the instrument has 88 keys which is combination of two colors that is black and white colors.
  • These keys follow some specific pattern. On looking to these patterns we can see that these black and white cultured keys are arranged in some fashion that is they are arranged in combination of two and three.
  • First two black cultured keys are placed and then three black cultured again two black cultured keys and then white and the repetition goes on.


It is all about mind set how we prepare ourselves for anytask and that mindset is responsible for achieving success in your life. That same process goes with piano learning; you need to be attentive and curious to know about new things. It may be boring in the start but you have to start slowly because every note is important in piano so take time to adjust every note properly.