Pregnancy is a very magical experience. Not only does a new being grow inside you, but your body will also be changed like never before. Through the period of giving birth, there will be several changes that go through in your body. Some are small and negligible while others are noticeable and important. It can be said that your pregnancy is a surprise because you will not know what each day brings with it for you and your body.

While the changes in your body are not recognizable during the first few weeks, it becomes more visible over a period of time. Here are some details that tell you how your pregnancy will progress through time –

Week one –

This is the week when you have your menstrual periods. This is the beginning of your menstrual cycle. After the menstruation ends, you will have your ovulation period which is when you can get pregnant. You can take Pregnancy week by week photos to record your pregnancy.

Week two –

This is when you will be ovulating and the actual pregnancy starts by the meeting of the sperm with the egg. You will have no signs whether you are pregnant or not.

Week three –

The third week is when the pregnancy is confirmed. Although there are no physical signs, the tiny embryo would have begun to grow inside your body.

Week four –

This is the best time to take pregnancy tests to confirm your pregnancy. The embryo will be growing steadily inside your womb. The gestational sac can be seen in an ultrasound by the end of this week.

Week five –

The embryo’s heart has begun to form. Many women are still not able to be sure by the body signs that they get. The embryo is just half an inch long. It resembles a tadpole.

Week seven –

The embryo is of the size of a pea. The embryo is always in movement.

Week eight –

It is the time when your embryo develops rapidly. This is almost the end of your first trimester, so you will begin to get signs of your pregnancy like fatigue, morning sickness and dizziness. Your hormones go awry and your bladder is always full.

Week ten –

Your body is showing signs of pregnancy. You are gaining weight. Your breasts are fuller, stomach bulging and your emotions are not under your control. Your baby is about 2 grams.

Week 20 –

Your baby is now 6 inches. Your body is also changing and you show all signs of being pregnant.

Week 39 –

The baby is now 20 inches. It weighs about 2.5 kg. you are fully pregnant and your womb is bulged. You may expect to deliver anytime soon.

From a tiny mass of cells, your baby grows into a 2 kilo child over a period of nine months. It seems like the longest journey that you have taken, the journey is worth wile. You can get video of developing baby in the womb so that it can be preserved as a precious memory of your pregnancy.