Whether for our home or business, services of electricians are an undeniable necessity for us. As the world is advancing in technology, our homes and business are getting more equipped. Accordingly, there has been an increase in the scope of services provided by electricians in High Wycombe. Let us have a look at the different types of services provided by electricians for different set-ups.

Regardless of the scale of an establishment, there are some electrical services that are frequently provided by electricians. Some of these services include:

  • Generating survey reports for electrical connections.
  • Providing quotations for electrical work.
  • Offering green solutions for saving electricity.
  • Offering contracts for periodic testing and repair of electrical connections.

However, certain services are provided by electricians in High Wycombe, according to the scale and set-up of an establishment. For example, a domestic set up would require a certain type of electrical services whereas a commercial set up would necessitate a completely different kind of services from electricians. Let us have a look at the details of services provided by electricians in these two kinds of set ups.

Services offered for domestic set up

The requirements and energy consumption statistics of a domestic set up demand specific electrical services. Some of these services are enlisted below.

  • Carrying out legal checks of the electrical connections needed for landlord inspection, checks by letting agencies and checks for mortgage documentation etc.
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) in case of properties that are rented.
  • Generation of electric installation service reports and certificates.
  • Services related to home safety and security, for example, CCTV installation, Fire alarm installation etc.
  • Complete interior and exterior wiring and rewiring.
  • Installation of heating systems, air conditioning, ventilation systems etc.
  • Installation of television, telephones and other audio-visual equipment.
  • Lighting of interior and exterior of the property.
  • Conducting electrical testing.

Services offered for commercial set up

The scale of services offered by electricians for commercial set up depends on the size and scale of the establishment. Some of the services offered by electricians for commercial set up include:

  • Designing, installation and maintenance of emergency exit lighting and escape routes.
  • Installation of full fire detection systems.
  • Contracts for periodic inspection and repair of various electrical connections.
  • Installation and maintenance of security alarms, access entry alarms and CCTV.
  • Partial or complete interior and exterior wiring and rewiring.
  • Installation and maintenance of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Installation and maintenance of power sockets and plug points.

In addition to the specific services offered by electricians in High Wycombe, they also offer emergency repair services to manage an unforeseen electrical breakdown. Therefore, the services offered by electricians are important not only for the regular functioning of domestic and commercial establishments, but also for regulatory paperwork. For example, sale, purchase, lease or rent of any establishment necessitates generation of due reports from electricians.

Therefore, before choosing an electrician for your premises, it is important to check their reliability and experience. It is also essential to confirm the areas covered by them for attending an emergency service.