Are your shoelaces too long? Let me guess; they cause you real trouble because of the excessive length, right?

This is a common thing nowadays. A lot of shoes either come with such laces or you buy them that way. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just accept it as a fact and watch as your shoe laces get dragged on the ground, become dirty, and worn out.

Instead, you can do something about this. But first, let’s take a moment to observe some things that you should keep in mind about the length. Ready, set, go!

Reasons Shoelaces’ Length is Important

There are situations in our everyday lives when we are rushing somewhere. And in case your shoelaces are long, the chances of them coming undone are greater. This is due to the fact that the ends are dangling on the side and you can easily step on them while walking or running.

Not to mention that without you noticing, they can get caught in something and lead to dangerous accidents. Actually, there are many car accidents, accidents at work or on the sports field that could be prevented with short shoelaces.

Another reason is that if they are excessively long, they’ll certainly drag on the ground and absorb all kinds of unwanted substances, germs, and other nasty things you would rather not come in contact with.

Because of all of this, taking care of the length of your laces is a very important matter to be aware of.

Now, are you ready to hear some good news? There are multiple solutions to solve this issue.

Solutions You Should Try

It’s not the end of the world if your shoelaces are longer than you actually need them to be. You should only know what to do in order to get the wanted length. We’ll present some effective solutions and tips here.

Cut the Shoelaces

It’s time to get a bit creative with this. Firstly, get the right materials and tools like scissors, a tape for measuring, a duct tape, and a lighter and then continue with the cutting. However, make sure you measure twice before doing so as it’s way easier to shorten shoelaces than to extend them.

You have a couple of cutting options at your disposal:

  • Cutting the ends – You can do this immediately after you buy them. Take both ends in your hands and cut them as much as you think. It’s best to shorten both ends and then simply replace the aglets with new ones.
  • Cutting in the middle and rejoining–Another option is cutting in the middle and then connecting the remaining two parts by tying a firm knot or sticking themtogether.

If you wonder whether all shoe laces can be cut, the answer is yes. Laces made out of all materials can be shortened. Yes, even leather, cotton, and Converse laces.

Just a quick tip – in case you have light-colored shoelaces, it’s a nice idea to wash them first and then cut them in order to receive ones that look as good as new.

Wrap Them Around the Ankle

Especially on taller shoes like boots or skates, people tend to wrap the ends of the laces around the ankles. By circling them multiple times, you won’t only reduce their length but you’ll get enhanced ankle support, as well.

Lace Them Differently

You’d be surprised to hear that the lacing methods play a big role when it comes to the length of the laces.Actually, there are certain ways you can try. Some of the popular ones are a spider web, ladder, sawtooth, hidden knot, and others similar to them.

The key is findingmethods that take away a larger part of the shoelace, leaving the ends shorter than before.Thanks to them, you won’t need to cut the laces at all.

Get New Ones

Eventually, if nothing of the aforementioned seems suitable for you, you can always go to the store and get brand new short shoelaces. Thanks to the numerous online stores that have laces in all colors, sizes, and materials, you can pick exactly the ones you want.

So, no matter what you decide to do, good luck!