Not everyone can be a successful accountant. Take me for example, I was always good at English at school but absolutely terrible at math’s I just didn’t get it. I therefore wouldn’t be the best candidate for a job as an accountant. Linda Carr Accountants can organize your financial records from your manuscript and account.

It is so important that you are highly numerate, you must get numbers and the way things work in that sense; if you don’t then you should not be looking at this as a potential career.

Firstly, you won’t enjoy it and secondly, you probably won’t get past the first stage of testing. Companies can tell almost immediately if a candidate has the mathematical capabilities for success so you will know soon enough if they think you have a chance.

It is an extremely competitive industry because of the pay so you have got to be driven by success and progression. I would say these ranks just below numeracy capabilities in terms of importance.

I understand that you can be driven but if you don’t have the fundamental ability to deal with numbers well then you might as well call it a day.

Spend a little time researching and get a feel for the work involved, I will now try and highlight the three key traits to becoming in becoming a successful accountant.

Drive and Determination

It is like anything, if you are driven by success and are determined to achieve that success then you really will go far. We live in a world that rewards grit and determination and if you can mix that with some natural ability there really is infinite potential. Being an accountant is well respected job and can involve you making a lot of money.

There are a lot of professional accountants out there and their fate is kind of intertwined with the business world in general. You don’t buy drive and determination, you have got to have a vision for the future and that really can help you keep focused and will give you a sense of purpose.

Being an accountant is a specialist job and it requires a high level of intellect and numerical capability, something I will now mention further.

Highly Numerate

You have fundamentally got to be pretty good with numbers, it is a job that is almost solely based on math’s and therefore your proficiency has to be to a high level. If you aren’t good at math’s you won’t be hired as an accountant, that’s just the way it is I’m afraid.

The amount of companies out there is incredible; you have the larger ones like PWC and then the smaller firms like Friendly Accountants. It just depends on what level you see yourself achieving compared to the real life situation and job market.


You need to have a great industry understanding and that is something that doesn’t always come naturally. You will have a lot of training and in doing so you will learn the most important aspects of the industry which is a very good thing.