Dalaman is Turkey is somehow a lonely place since many travelers just pass over as they link to Fethiye or Anatolia, but here lies some attractive features that are found in Turkey. The region is nestled in the Aegean Airport area with magnificent scenery, the Aegean region which houses Dalaman is known for its historical sites. There are many ruins of ancient settlements, mounds and many sites to be explored here. It can be said that a visit to Turkey historical sites is not complete until you visit Dalama.

Dalyan Mud Baths:


  1. Many travelers frequent this site known as Dalyan to view and indulge in mud baths; the attraction is so popular with tourists worldwide. The region is at the Dalaman on your way to Fethiye.
  2. The mud bath water is composed of Sulfur which has medicinal properties; the medicinal value of the water is effective to cure rheumatoid and skin ailments.
  3. Visitors who have indulged in the mud baths says that it makes them even younger, the mud bath ingredients makes the skin to come out smoother than when a person entered it.
  4. The fun aspect of it is even more wooing to both old and young visitors, the spot is ideal for couples in a romantic holiday and family, children often accompany their parents to go holiday there.

Lycian Festivals, Kas:

  1. Another interesting attraction is Kas where international visitors and locals frequent for the annual festivals, the Kas region is known for the traditional dancing festival known as Lycian festival.
  2. The town is visited by both local and international dancing groups to participate in the dance, the dance give visitor an opportunity to view unique traditional and cultural of the region.
  3. The area is where the locals and international groups congregate to be entertained in the great festivals, folk dances and songs performed during such seasons.
  4. There is a lot of food and partying during such intervals, the cannibal mood continues on the street with drinking and rejoicing till morning hours, the event is a major attraction in Dalaman.


  1. The village is located interior of Dalaman with unique and rustic topography; the village is built next to the pristine beaches where both locals and tourists go fishing.
  2. Built within the rugged hills, the high levels offers visitors’ opportunity to view the lower beaches as people fish and enjoy themselves, the fresh sea food is one thing making the village unique.
  3. The region has many lovely restaurants and cafes where visitors indulge themselves both in the day and at night, the restaurants and other shops are built atop the hills with panoramic views to the rugged terrains.
  4. Most of these eateries and cafes turn in to rooftop clubs when it reaches night, patrons enjoy themselves most of the nights here. Patrons can easily watch from above the sweeping winds at the Sea.

Saklikent Gorge:

  1. The Gorge offer another must see attraction in the region, the Saklikent Gorges is well within the interiors of Dalaman in the province of Mugla, the canyon is one of the ragged attraction for adventurers who like to take risk.
  2. The Gorge is divided in to several compartments featuring cascading canyons, the rocks and cliffs are so deep with large pools afoot, it’s at the pool where adventurers wade through the neck water.
  3. The Gorge turns very cold during the winter seasons, the season sees the Gorge becoming cold and freezing with water turning milky. It’s inside such a pool where adventure lovers indulge.
  4. The shower Cubicle is a raised placed in the Gorge, visitors makes it as a climax point where they stand in a curved rusted rock as the ravaging torrents pass through them.

Kapidag Peninsula:

  1. The Peninsula is another place worth visiting when in Dalaman, the site is located the northern part of Anatolia which is just near the Dalaman region.
  2. The Peninsula offers a very rustic attraction to enjoy seeing so many things; the Peninsula is a site to be viewed by many visitors who frequent the province.
  3. The Kapidag peninsula features many Geo-morphological rocks which are white or brown in color, the area offers research on the features, the sediments also acts as watercourse to the peninsula.
  4. Flora and fauna are other important aspect of the site; the bank is spread with many species of plants and animals worth viewing. The Peninsula stretches some seventeen miles.

Ancient Settlements ruins:

  1. There are several ruins of the early settlements in the province worth visiting, visiting the sites gives the traveler a new view of the city, settlements of Neolithic period can still be viewed in the region.
  2. Calynda: is a city with many ruins worth viewing while in Dalaman, it has many ancient tombs and monuments for tourism purposes. Many of the ruins are preserved to date.
  3. Hippokome is another city where you will find many historical artifacts kept in its museums, there are ancient things like coins, jewelry, monuments and rocks to be studied.
  4. Other such cities with rich historical facts are Lysai, Kryia and Lydai, ancient temples, monuments and tombs scattered everywhere.

There are many attractions worth visiting in Dalaman, but the province is filled with many historical sites for great significance in studies, apply online for Turkey visas to be ready to explore attractions of Dalaman.