Brief History of Turkish Clothing:

The history of Turkish Clothing date back to 100 B.C.

The sources of this history was uncovered in Asia.

The clothing was mainly woollen, cotton fabric as well as silk from china.

Cultural integration has since seen an evolution in the Turkish fashion.

Today, Turkey boasts of a wide variety of fashion designs from various continents in the world.

Traditional Turkish Clothing:

The variety of cultures in this great nation have a different sense of fashion.

Traditional clothes are a source of information on one’s culture or workings in the society.

Traditionally, everyone would wear something that defines there social status.

Clothes worn by an individual indicated whether the particular society was nomadic as well as pointed out the ethnic background as well as the historical events of the individual.

Conservative men and women have got different dressing code to blend in their day to day activities.

Women fashion in Turkey:

Owing to the fact that Turkey is a mostly Muslim society, most of the women dress in headscarf and a light top coat that covers all the body.

Some women are usually in seen in a veil and a black cloth covering all the body.

Most women choose to style casually especially in public places.

When visiting the mosque, the women are usually clean and modestly dressed; a scarf to cover their heads, top-sleeves to cover at least half the mid-upper arm.

A hoodie can also be put on especially during the cold seasons.

In the country sides, Turks usually accept people the way they are. However, modest dressing will earn one respect among the people.

Outright nudity is illegal in the beach; though, one may choose to dress as they like.

Most women choose to dress for the weather.

Turkish men fashion:

Most Turk men prefer casual dressing as opposed to formal ones. Most opt for shirts and jeans.

For beach functions, one is free to wear whatever clothe that makes them more comfortable.

Official dressing is more appropriate for office duties as well as commercial meetings.

For late night dinner dates, most men prefer a combination of casual and official clothing. This is usually referred to as smart casual outfit.

Dressing for the weather in Turkey:

During spring and autumn, often associated with rain, a warm jacket, a sweater or a windbreaker would be very helpful.

During summer, cotton clothing would be more appropriate. A hat, a sunscreen lotion as well as a sweater for evenings would be very necessary. Woollen clothes will be safe during winter season.

Wear to buy clothes in Turkey:

There are very many places to buy clothes in Turkey. Some shops sell whole whereas others have retail sales.

There are many shops spread across Istanbul and other major towns in Turkey.

The prices of the clothes vary depending on the quality and the shop.

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