Your vision

Where do you see your business a few years from today? Your vision for the company will determine your ability to convince investors of your ability to deliver. Do you feel your vision is still too narrow to involve other investors? If you think this is a gamble that could be short-term or long-term, then it may be best to try and find funding that does not involve someone else. This could be from your savings or a bank loan. Once you feel you are more in touch with your goals and vision for the company and can see the bigger picture, visit this link and see alternative funding methods available for you to pick from.

Market size and potential growth

How big is the market you are targeting? Is it too big for the resources you have or is it big enough for you to start out with your funds as you watch the market to determine if you will need a bigger investment? Starting small can sometimes have its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is, you will be able to gauge the market by using a small investment. The disadvantage is you may not be financially prepared for the impact your business will have. It will be disappointing for clients to come back for more only to be told your products are out of stock and they need to wait for sometime for them to become available. It is, therefore, crucial for you to find a balance and study the market to find out how reasonable an investment you need to make before deciding on the type of funding to use as you will see when you visit this link.

How much of your own resources do you have?

If you are considering pitching your business idea to potential investors, they need to know how much you are putting in the business. Going to investors with a business idea only could work if your idea is unique and they feel it is a profitable venture. However, this is not always the case. Often investors need to feel like you are also taking a share of the risk since this is what business is, it is a risk that could pay off or not. Visit this link for other possible funding options for your business if you feel seeking investors could prove difficult for your business.

How much control do you want to have?

It would be naïve of you to assume that you would be getting investors who do not want some form of control. It would be even worse if they provide all the investment. Your role and authority in the business could diminish considerably to that of an employee because of the funding method you opted for.