When you are thinking about launching a new business, there are a lot of variables that need to be considered and worked out. If you already have your product or service line decided upon, the next biggest thing that you need to figure out is where you are going to open up your office.

Long Term Rentals Are Risky

In years past, renting or leasing office space was time-consuming and intimidating. Business owners had to sort through commercial real estate listings to find an office that met their requirements. In the case of start-up businesses, one of the major requirements was that their small operations made enough profit to cover the monthly rent. If the business was not well-funded, this usually meant that the owner would have to settle for space that did not meet all of his other requirements, like location, square footage or the look of the space. Additionally, they had to commit to a long-term lease regardless of whether their business was successful or not. That is a lot of pressure with no promise of great reward. Leasing or renting space might have even been considered a huge risk. If you had a bad month or quarter, your financial future are in jeopardy if the rent is too high. Most commercial spaces are bound by strict legal agreements that give the office owners the upper hand if the renters default on their lease agreement. Costly deposits are common. If utilities are not included in the monthly rental, you will need to add this to your expenses as well. If the space is not optimized for your business operations, you could be overpaying to heat areas that are not being used. If the space is not properly insulated or wintered, this represents a loss of profits as well. When the space comes unfurnished, another expense that quickly adds up is the cost of furniture. While desks and chairs are not as expensive as they used to be, you and your employees are still going to need somewhere to sit and work. No one should want to, or have to overpay for their office space.

Virtual Offices Are Popular Today

Today, business environment offices are changing to cater to the needs of modern business owners. Technology has dramatically changed the way people start, operate and manage their business. Size does not matter. Virtual offices are an affordable way for anyone to get their new business up and running quickly without a lot of the extra expenses that traditional commercial real estate has. Your budget goes a lot further because there is no costly security deposit associated with virtual or shared office space. You have your choice of prestigious locations to choose from in the London area. You do not need to spend any capital on business furniture because it is already provided. Most of these offices are located close to public transportation, so getting to and from the office is convenient every day of the week.

Flexible Space

 If you are a one-person operation, like a freelancer or just someone who wants to be able to work from somewhere other than their home, this type of office space is ideal. In the event that you need to privately meet with a potential client, you can arrange for private space, based on your specific needs. If your business grows and you need more room to accommodate new employees, that is easy to do, too. If for some reason you are only going to be in town for a month or two that is no problem. Office space is available for terms as short as one month all the way up to one year. A conference space and other services are also widely available to anyone that is setting up a new business or reformulating an existing business. You do not have to worry about the costly expenses of buying stylish and comfortable furniture because your office furnishings are included. Some storage space is included and comes with a key, so your belongings and office supplies remain safe. Most people who use this type of office environment just bring their laptop or tablet computer into work with them to complete their work duties.

Find Your Next Office

Getting a new fabulous office has never been easier than it is now. It is a business owners market to find the office space in the London location that best suits your lifestyle. You can choose from Central London locations, including Threadneedle Street, St Paul’s, Cheapside, Minories Royal Exchange and Barbican. If you would prefer to put your offices in Central London, you might prefer a location in Wembley. This particular office centre is recognized as the Business Centre of the Year three different times so your business will have one of the most prestigious locations in all of London. Southeast London serviced office locations include buildings in Reading, Milton Keynes and Basingstoke. If Southwest London is closer to you, you can choose from serviced offices in Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Clifton.

When you have so many affordable serviced office options available, there is no reason to overpay for a traditional office rental or work from your home anymore. If you are a single person business, a serviced office can help you build your professional network, so you have a greater chance to extend your business opportunities. When you have a professional office in a distinguished part of town, you can attract more business and make more profits, which is always a good thing! Since these serviced offices are flexible, they also provide room for you to grow without the fear of outgrowing your space. You will not have to experience any of the inconvenience of shifting office space or searching for another office that has everything that you are looking for without breaking the bank. If you act fast, you do not even need to put down a deposit! Just speak with a representative, pick your space and get ready for your move to the wonderful city of London.