One of the common questions which most would be mothers tend to face is when will pregnant button pop or stick in during pregnancy. If it is going to happen, when it is likely. On the other hand the question was posed to a lot of mothers would they be worried if popping out belly button does not happen. Let us now find answers to the following questions.

The main reason for the belly button being popped out is that the uterus is known to push the abdomen around week 26. It is normal in most cases and in some situations it becomes protrudes as well. But this is not the case with women who are bit skinny or outie and this is going to happen with them in the second stages of pregnancy. It is that time where a pregnant woman discovers a protruding navel or a popped out belly button.

There is nothing to be done at your end as a belly button is both inevitable and harmless at the same time. This is when you had an outie or an inverted belly button to begin with as it is going to return back to its original position a few weeks after delivery, though it can be lived or stretched in a bit. Just think on the lines that it is a badge of honour that you can wear it in a proud manner. In the event of your belly button not popping out there is no need to press the panic button as well. There have been many instances of women not having their belly button being popped out and this is a normal situation. Now the question that comes to your mind is that whether there is any correlation between the belly button along with the gender of the baby. The answer happens to be a strict no for sure.

In case of some women, a defect or hole is being noticed in the abdominal wall long before pregnancy tends to occur. So when there is excess amount of weight gain it can put stretch on the umbilical or defective area of the abdominal wall, whereby the hernia tends to become noticeable. A stage tends to reach where the hole becomes so large that a tissue can pass through it, and a bulge is normally witnessed in the umbilical area. It is suggested that you go on to wait till you are no longer pregnant to get the umbilical hernia repaired. But if this tends to become incarnated, it does mean that the tissue is trapped in the defective area, and then it cannot be pushed back in. In such situations there is no other option left apart from surgery.

Pregnancy is a stage where the body tends to witness a lot of changes on the physical and mental front. It is suggested that you take care of yourself along with the baby as care is of paramount importance at this stage.