Retailing is a living subject where better products and services are coming up with time. The e-commerce revolution, for instance, is a vivid example of the retail revolution of the 21st Century. However, retailing in financial sector too has seen many changes. A few years back, it was the middleman who was going gung ho on retail loans. But, the mounting bad debts (also known as the nonperforming assets) have taken a huge toll on the health of the financial institutions like banks. Therefore, retail loans from the banks have dried down to a great extent especially to those who do not have a good credit score. There come the direct lender short term loan lenders.

However, these short-term loans work in the best interest of the individuals who badly need money with a view to fulfilling a wish to two and at the same time, taking care of their impending issues like paying the school fees of the children and the insurance. The onus to mention here that there is no uniform practice with regard to the loan disbursement amount and the loan repayment period here. For instance, the loan amount may vary between £50 to £750 and the period between 62 days to 4 months. In other words, the direct lender short-term loans is there to help you out in your endeavour to tackle the financial hardships at its’ best.

Key areas of direct lenders:

  • No middleman: As the name suggests, there is no middleman involved in the entire process of loan application, approval, and its disbursement directly to your account. Therefore, the chance of a communication lapse is next to impossible here. Simultaneously, you can save money that could otherwise have gone to a facilitator a.k.a. a middleman here.
  • Lower cost of capital: Having said this, we mean, when you avail a loan from the direct lender short-term loans, you save the commission money payable to a middleman. In other words, it means you actually lower the cost of the capital available to you for the purpose of meeting some pressing needs such as paying the school fees of your kids on time.
  • Transparency: You can apply for a loan online and a calculator is available mostly on the landing page of a site. It would instantaneously display the total amount payable on a loan amount when you choose the amount and its repayment period. In other words, there is no scope of misleading anyone right from day one here.
  • Opportunity to improve your creditworthiness: Within the range of the loan amount and its repayment period, you get an opportunity to gradually increase your eligibility for the higher amount of loan up to the ceiling here. Having said that, we mean, you have the opportunity to increase your creditworthiness in the market especially to your lenders over time.
  • Open to all: Such a loan is available to anyone aged 18 years or above. However, you must fulfil other criteria here as may be set by a lender in your niche market.

In fact, you will find many advantages of taking a retail loan from the direct lender short-term loans in your niche market. Set your priorities first before you apply for a loan here.