With the aid of pregnancy contraction timer, you can figure out at which stage of labor you at. It would point to the fact on when you would need to head to the hospital as well. In modern world, by downloading an app things have gone on to come a lot easy as well. Yes contractions could be the nicest form of sensations that you can expect. It does indicate a situation that you are going to meet your baby shortly. Ideally the longer the contractions tend to arise, the faster you are about to give birth.

What is the need to start timing of contractions?

You could start timing contractions as soon as they touch one, two or three and they would seem to be a lot regular as well. For example, if you had one, two, then wait for the third. You could figure out whether it is real or not in the first place. The contractions could resemble a situation where it is a mix of constipation and a really bad period. The pain tends to emerge in the back and then moves over to your stomach and this is going to stay in the back area. A point to consider is that it tends to differ in case of each woman.

To start off, it would last for a minute and then happen at an interval of 15 minutes or so. But be aware of the fact that there is no set pattern and there is no need to worry if it is not regular as well.

The best manner to time the contractions

With the emergence of online contraction timer, things could not have got as easy as it is. A lot of apps are available in the market that would help you to time the contractions. On the other hand if you want to follow the old school of thought then take a stop watch and get your partner involved. He will be able to note down the readings with a piece of paper and pen.

A point to consider is that one does not have to time them all the way through the contractions, as the main purpose of it is to determine whether you are in the stage of labour. Once you can figure out that it is better to stop the contractions.

When is the correct time to head to the hospital?

Now the question you would need to figure out when is the time ripe to head to the hospital. Ideally you should head to the hospital when the frequency of the contractions tends to reduce to 5 or 6 minutes. In case if they are irregular it would mean that you are having false labor and there is no need to rush to the hospital. But still if you feel excess symptoms it would be better to visit the hospital. A clear picture could be presented on what the exact situation is at that point of time.