Dandruff is a very common problem of which people suffers these days. This is because of huge pollution and less time to take care of hair and scalp.

Here are some things that one needs to do when they see white flakes on their hair.

  • The first thing you should do is to invest in a good and effective anti dandruff shampoo. There are some mild yet good shampoos for dandruff and itchy scalp which have certain ingredients to keep the dandruff forming fungus under control. They might contain zinc pyrithione which is good for dandruff elimination. It is advised to use this shampoo at least twice a week.
  • Try to keep your scalp as much dry as possible. This will make it tougher for the microbes to survive in hair. In monsoons if you get your hair wet in rain by chance then dry it immediately once you come back home. It is even better if you can wash and cleanse your hair with a mild shampoo. Also use a good conditioner after shampooing your hair. This will make your hair flake free and your hair will be soft and manageable with the help of conditioner. But keep in mind, when in monsoon always apply conditioner at the tip of your hair and not on the scalp. Using it on scalp can actually increase the amount of dandruff.
  • Try to follow a low sugar diet which is very rich in anti oxidants. If this can be done, it can minimize irritation and inflammation. It also helps in controlling dandruff.
  • It is a good idea to reduce the use of hair styling products on your hair and especially in monsoon. This is because they mostly attract dirt and grime on your hair. If the grime and dirt gets accumulated on the scalp it can give rise to dead cells which in turn leads to the formation of bacteria and dandruffs.
  • Do not go hard while combing your hair. Use a wide toothed brush while brushing your hair and do it at least twice a day, this will keep the blood circulation normal in the scalp. But do not over do it. Vigorous brushing can lead to scalp damage and inflammation. It in turn can cause dandruff formation.
  • Do eat a lot of food items which are rich in iron, protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Add a lot of fish, fresh fruits, nuts and leafy vegetables to your regular diet to make it a healthy and nutritious one.
  • Get a hot oil massage at least twice a week. Use olive, coconut or rosemary oil for your hair. But do not go overboard with usage of oil as it can end up damaging the scalp. Keep the oil for at least an hour before you wash it away with a mild shampoo.

One can buy professional dandruff shampoo after consulting a dermatologist. They can check the type of your dandruff problem and then prescribe one which will be suitable for your condition.