Samsung S8 is the latest flagship smartphone of this year. It is expected that Galaxy S9 will be one of the top smartphones, next year.

At the time of the launch, S8 came with the Android operating system, version 7.0, of course, Installed on top of a proprietary shell Samsung Experience. In S8, everything works quickly, but with a certain brand animation, which is similar to the effect of folding windows in Windows. The main desktop displays a clock, weather, and a Google search bar by default, but the standard “pinch” can be installed widgets, application icons and add a screen where you can swipe to move to the right. Swipe from bottom to top or vice versa is called “box of applications.” If you hold your finger on the right edge to the left, it will be called EDGE-panel with quick access to favorite applications, contacts and can take screenshots. Galaxy S9 will have interesting Android 9.0.

As you know, S8 comes with the Bixby, which works quite well. Swipe from left to right on the home screen as well as the imposition of a separate button on the end, you can open Bixby interface, where you can find a card that you can customize yourself. At the moment, the assistant is limited. In addition to these opportunities Assistant nothing else can, does not respond to voice. However, it works habits to have been seen in the curtain notifications appeared recommendation to listen to music in good quality. At the moment, there is only the name of Bixby; however, with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung should bring more flexibility to Bixby.

Talking about the Galaxy S8 camera, it has matrix production in main chamber ISOCELL, S5K2L2 model. I suppose that in the US and the Korean version uses the Sony sensor, model IMX333 (or another name IMX260 Pro). It is said that the difference in image quality of Samsung S8 has come with different matrices no. In S7, the situation was that Sony sensor photographed in warmer colors. S5K2L2 size is quite large. The main camera on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7 has no difference. Hope, Galaxy S9 camera would be different to S8 and S7.

Camera:  Camera quality of S8 is very impressive. It is the first smartphone, which has an autofocus. The matrix ISOCELL S5K3H1 8Mn has F / 1, 7 is present in it.But shooting in the blinding sun in the automatic mode is not impressed. There are many manual settings in the “Pro” mode: Adjust the ISO, aperture adjustment effect presets, manual focus, and so on. Galaxy S9 would also have an amazing camera, which will win everyone’s heart, launching next year

Videography: Videography of Samsung is great. Samsung shoots video in resolutions from VGA up to 4 K (UHD) resolutions. Full HD recording at 30 frames per second video is available in the HDR mode. There are optical and electronic stabilization. Hopefully, Galaxy S9 will have superb videography having higher resolutions than S8.