Mystery shopping is a method used to evaluate the performance of a business. The amount of popularity that a business has is not its main indicator of success. Public opinion is the main factor that tells you the amount of success that a business has. Mystery shoppers are consumers hired to review a business and give their opinions. They do not have to give their identity, but they do have to give detailed reports about their experiences with certain businesses. Review a few of the many reasons why companies need mystery shoppers.

Mystery Shoppers Act Like Regular Customers

Mystery shoppers are the same as regular customers. They go into the store, buy a product or service, talk to the salesperson and leave the store like everyone else does. They may use coupons or ask a few detailed questions along the way. Overall, they remain discreet and undetected by the staff team.

If shoppers bring too much attention to themselves, they reduce the honesty and integrity of their research. The staff members act very differently around shoppers who they know are critiquing them. They act nicer than they usual are and behave less genuinely in general.

Mystery Shoppers Are Thorough

Mystery shoppers take note of everything. They note the lighting in the store, the proximity to certain products, the location of the store, the dress codes of the staff and more. They notice the way the staff members react to certain people and situations. They note their friendliness, experience and willingness to help employees. They review the retail merchandising services that make shopping easier. For instance, they take note of any kiosks or customer help desks in the store.After observing all of these details, the shoppers write everything down in a detailed report.

Mystery Shoppers Improve the Experiences of Customers

Mystery shoppers work to improve the ways that customers are treated. They write great details about how the store clerks approached the customers and answered their questions. They rarely leave out any positive or negative detail. The more details the shoppers write, the more they care about the wellbeing of the customers.

Mystery Shoppers Are Genuine

Many mystery shoppers are chosen after completing personal surveys. They are chosen based on their interests and experiences as buyers. Many of them are sent to stores, restaurants and other businesses that they enjoy visiting regularly. They are rarely sent to places that they despise or could care less about.

Honesty is the best policy for mystery shoppers. Lying all over a report will not help the business or the shopper. Preventing the spread of lies is the main issue. One solution is to make the shoppers as happy as possible. They must be allowed to make choices and have freedom as they shop. If not, they will not have the best shopping experience. Then, they will give a sloppy report out of apathy or laziness.

Mystery Shoppers Get Paid

Mystery shoppers get some of their money back as they invest time in shopping. They are paid the same way that survey takers and restaurant critics are paid. They visit a business to test out the food, drinks, amenities and entertainment. They may receive freebies, such as free meals and lodging, in some establishments.

It is better that mystery shoppers are paid than not paid. They are not paid a fortune, but they are compensated well. If you are planning to hire these shoppers, feel better knowing that they are somehow motivated to take the shopping seriously.

Mystery Shoppers Act Like Spies or Actors

It is not uncommon to see some mystery shoppers dress funnily to conceal their identity. They get to dress up in costumes, colour their hair and do anything they can to remain unidentified. Spying and acting are activities that many people enjoy doing. Now, people can get paid doing both if they work as secret shoppers.

Mystery Shoppers Come from All Different Backgrounds

Mystery shoppers are not just young, hip people who have endless amounts of time to shop and need extra money for college. Any person of any age, social status and educational background can get involved in this activity. From the retired elderly to stay-at-home moms, they are allowed to participate and persuade public opinion. Secret shopping is available as a part-time or full-time gig. Even people with full-time jobs can participate now and then.

Mystery Shoppers Have Choices

Every consumer wants to have choices and many of them. The business of secret shopping is a land full of opportunities. The shoppers do not have to settle for serving one company only. They can review the services provided by many different companies at the same time. They are not tied down by a contract that requires them to review this many stores in this amount of time. When shoppers have choices and feel less pressured, they give more honest opinions.

Mystery Shoppers Have Fun

There is no good mystery shopping without some fun and excitement. These shoppers have access to many brands and companies, so they are guaranteed to have fun at some point. Shoppers who love cruises will enjoy signing for a luxury cruise package and reviewing the amenities from the inside out.

Some shoppers end up critiquing the latest nightclubs. They sample the drinks, talk to the patrons and entertain themselves thoroughly. Any business can be reviewed, such as a restaurant, day spa and amusement park. While you have fun, write about opinion and get paid in the process.

Mystery shopping is not a practice that everyone understands. It is not an easy activity for anyone to do either. It takes time, dedication and good writing skills to do this special work. Shoppers need their own transportation to visit different businesses along with plenty of free time to spend on shopping. Mystery shoppers are compensated for their efforts. At first, they receive little money, but they work their way up to gain more experience and earn more money. Mystery shopping is a valuable activity that everyone benefits from in the end.