SMS is known for sending short messages between mobile devices. Now, this term is available for different online chat services. Generally, the length of an SMS covers 160 words which are almost 224 characters for any cell phone devices. Using SMS we can easily convey to other persons that what we want to say. Sometimes we do not need to explain much about things. It saves our time and even we can make and send it when we are busy. SMS services are quite same as to paging service. To get an SMS it is not always required to on your mobile. You will get your pending SMS whenever you switched on your mobile.

Presently, at the time of digital mobile, you can send SMS in different ways:

  1. Simply from one phone to another like any other cell phone.
  2. If you are logged in your computer or laptop or any other electronic devices, you can easily send an SMS using different web application provider through your web browser.
  3. You can send an SMS using Online Instant Message Provider like ICQ (Internet Chat Query).
  4. For any official purpose, you can easily send your SMS over VOIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, like Skype.
  5. A different application namely unified communications; you can also use to send an SMS.

Some important usage of SMS services including:

  1. A great importance of an SMS is to notify someone for any urgent work including voice mail also.
  2. It is used to give an alert to salespersons to notify them to contact their clients.
  3. It gives an alert to a doctor also for a patient appointment.
  4. Now it serves a very important role for the car drivers to choose and pick up new locations for their customers.

SMS has some advantages over a phone communication. Sending SMS takes short times than a phone call or sending E-mails. Communication via SMS is an only way to talk with deaf and hearing-impaired people.

The most advantage of SMS is you can send a single SMS to different people at the same time even if they are in different locations. It is also known as bulk SMS. This method is known as broadcasting. It is mainly used to convey messages among their employees or to distribute any news to different people or subscribers.

In a research project, it was found that most people use their phones for calling and messaging. Primarily they are known as “Texters” and “Talkers”. In comparison, it has also found that peoples are more interested in communicating via SMS than phone calls. They used to give a quick response to an SMS rather than a phone call. It has supposed that the reason for this behavior may be due to the time consumption.

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